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The consequences of breaking and entering in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2021 | Other Criminal Offenses

There are consequences to breaking and entering into a building in North Carolina. Some individuals will face felony charges while others will face misdemeanor charges for this type of crime. Several factors determine what type of charge the individual will face for breaking and entering into building.


An individual may face a felony charge if they break into a building to commit assault or a violent crime. This can include things like committing larceny or terrorizing any of the occupants in the building. If an individual commits any types of felony while they are inside, such as arson, they can face a felony charge as well. Felonies are a lot more serious as individuals may have to spend years of their life in jail and pay hefty fines if they get convicted.


If an individual breaks into a building but doesn’t commit any crimes while they are inside, they may only face a misdemeanor charge. This type of charge is common for those who break into a building to take shelter. If convicted, individuals may only need to pay a small fine, spend a limited amount of time in jail or perform community service in order to satisfy their sentencing terms.

An individual may face a breaking and entering charge if they break into any dwelling or structure that they don’t have permission to be in. Whether or not someone receives the charge of a felony or misdemeanor gets determined by what actually occurred when they entered the building. A defense attorney representing an individual accused of this offense may present evidence to fight the charge or negotiate a plea bargain to reduce the charge.