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Could you be committing credit card fraud unwittingly?

On Behalf of The Law Firm of Brent D. Ratchford |

Credit card fraud is on the rise in Gaston County, North Carolina. This white-collar crime often consists of a perpetrator stealing others’ credit cards and using them without permission or breaching computer systems to take credit card numbers.

However, it is possible the average joe could be committing credit card fraud without even realizing it. The following are the top mistakes you can make that actually constitute credit card fraud. Being aware of these potential mistakes can help you avoid these white-collar crimes.

Using another person’s card without asking

Even if someone allowed you to use their card in the past, you still need their permission to use it in the future. This person can dispute the charges and even file a police report and you face jail time or hefty fines. If regularly using another’s card, ask them to make you an authorized user.

Signing another’s credit card receipt

It seems like no big deal, but signing for another, even when asked to do so, is considered a white-collar crime. Should the charges be later disputed, you would be responsible for it.

Disputing charges you made

This can be an innocent mistake, especially since some vendors have different names on credit card statements. Always be sure to research any charges that seem fraudulent. Google the name that is on your statement to see if it correlates to any vendors you’ve purchased from recently.

Not being honest on credit card applications

Exaggerating the truth on credit card applications in hopes of its approval can be detrimental. Credit card companies do not actually verify your annual income, and if you’ve applied for one under false pretenses, you can be liable for the debt even in the event of bankruptcy.