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Stanley Traffic Violation Lawyer

Stanley Traffic Violation Lawyer

Punitive Point System for Drivers in North Carolina

Among other potential penalties you can face for a traffic offense, you will also receive punitive DMV points in North Carolina. Each traffic violation, from minor infractions to major violations, carries a specified number of points that will be administered to your driving record. These points generally last for three years, but sometimes more, from your conviction.

Amassing 12 or more points during a three-year period can result in the suspension of your license. Several other situations will also result in license suspension, such as speeding over 75 mph over a speed limit that’s less than 70 mph. The details of your case can increase the points assigned. For example, a speeding ticket for driving 10 or less over a 55 mph speed limit is one point, but speeding through a school zone will garner you three points.

What Factors Can Affect the Severity of Your Traffic Crime Case?

It’s impossible to know the exact penalties you may face for a traffic crime because each case’s circumstances will differ. You may be sentenced to certain punishments based on several factors, including:

  • How extreme your offense was
  • If it caused significant damage or bodily injury
  • If it’s your first violation
  • The presence of a criminal record with many similar convictions

The specifics of your traffic violation can greatly influence both the charges against you and the punishments upon conviction. For example, if you were driving while intoxicated slightly above the legal limit, you are less likely to receive similar penalties than someone who was driving while severely intoxicated or caused a car accident, especially if another party was seriously injured.

Additionally, if a moderately serious traffic violation was committed by someone with no prior convictions or charges for a traffic crime, they may be able to have their punishments reduced (even more so if it’s a minor infraction).

Common Traffic Offenses in North Carolina

Traffic violations can range in degrees from minor infractions to severe violations that can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. Here are some of the most common traffic crimes:

Speeding Violations

Speeding offenses occur every day and may be unintentional or purposeful. Speeding charges tend to be more severe:

  • The more miles per hour you are driving above the local speed limit
  • If you are in a safe zone such as a school or construction zone
  • If the offense was attempted/planned racing between vehicles

Driving in Spite of a License Restriction

This traffic violation occurs when an individual with one or more traffic law convictions has restrictions against their driver’s license privileges. Some examples include suspension, revocation, or custom constraints, such as being prohibited from driving in a specific window of time.

In NC, it is a serious crime to drive without a valid license. The offense may be deemed a misdemeanor, and an individual may face jail time upon conviction.

Driving While Impaired/Intoxicated

DWI charges, or being found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or higher or otherwise proven to be under the influence of drugs, can be severely penalized to reflect how dangerous this traffic offense can be.

Penalties may include fines, jail time, and license restrictions. If driving while intoxicated resulted in you causing extreme property damage or the serious bodily injury/death of another person, punishments are likely to increase.

FAQs About Stanley, NC Traffic Violation Law

Can a Traffic Lawyer Help With a Speeding Ticket in NC?

Yes, a lawyer can help you with a speeding ticket in NC. You can challenge any charges in court, where a traffic ticket lawyer may be able to get them dropped or reduced.

If there’s insufficient evidence to prove that the offense occurred or you were falsely/unlawfully charged, don’t accept maximum punishment when an attorney can fight on your behalf. If you did commit the offense, your lawyer can not only help lessen the penalties but also the charges, which remain on your record and insurance.

How Do I Fight a Traffic Ticket in NC?

To fight a traffic ticket, you should first prepare your defense by compiling evidence, case details, and reasons why it should be dismissed. Your argument will then be presented to the judge before they make a decision. If it’s dismissed, you will not have to fulfill any applicable penalties. If the ticket is upheld, you will carry out the penalties but may opt to file an appeal.

Consider hiring a traffic violation attorney in Stanley, NC, since representing yourself isn’t always the most advantageous way to get charges dropped or dismissed.

How Long Do Traffic Violations Stay on Your Record in NC?

Most traffic violations stay on your NC driving record for three years after the conviction. Some violations can remain on your record for longer. North Carolina law adds punitive points to your record based on the type and severity of your traffic violation. These points can also impact your insurance; most violation points last around three years or more on your insurance record.

What Happens If You Miss Court for a Traffic Ticket in North Carolina?

If you miss your court date for a traffic ticket hearing in NC, you have 20 days to reschedule. In more serious cases, the judge may issue a failure to appear (FTA) right away. If this happens or you don’t reschedule within 20 days, the DMV is notified to immediately revoke your license until the case has concluded. You will also be required to pay a $200 fee for the FTA in addition to penalties for a traffic ticket conviction.

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