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Cramerton Traffic Violation Lawyer

Cramerton Traffic Violation Lawyer

Cramerton Traffic Violation Attorney

Best Cramerton Traffic Violation Lawyer

Sometimes, it’s inevitable for you to receive a traffic ticket, especially if you unknowingly committed the offense, such as not knowing the speed limit and driving slightly above it. Other times, you may have sustained a major traffic violation that you need to fight. No matter the circumstances, you should have a Cramerton traffic violation lawyer defend you so you don’t face the maximum penalties and effects on your insurance or record.

Types of Traffic Law Cases We Handle in North Carolina

If you received a ticket for one or more of the traffic violations listed below, our law firm can manage your case.

  • Speeding, including excessive speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving with an expired, suspended, or revoked license
  • Driving while impaired (DWI)/drunk driving
  • Hit-and-run
  • Fleeing from the scene of an accident or during a traffic stop
  • Failure to wear a seat belt
  • Not adhering to traffic lights, indicators, or signs, including a stop sign
  • Not signaling a lane change

Possible Punishments for Traffic Violations in NC

It’s difficult to estimate the exact penalties in your situation; consult with a qualified traffic violation lawyer to get a better idea about your case. Generally, if you are given a guilty verdict, you will likely endure a combination of punitive driving points, license restrictions, fines, insurance increases, and time in jail.

For every traffic violation you acquire, unless the charges are dropped, you will sustain points against your driving record and your car insurance. If you collect 12 points or more within three years, your license can be suspended. Other license restrictions may be specific to your criminal history, such as being forbidden to drive between 10 pm and 8 am. Punitive points last on your driving history and on your insurance for three years or more.

Your insurance provider is free to increase your monthly rate at their discretion, and the effects will usually last years before starting to decline. For more serious offenses and the accompanying points, your insurance will typically increase your rate accordingly.

For example, a conviction for reckless driving, which carries four points, may increase your insurance by around 90 percent, while a DWI, which carries 12 points, can increase your insurance by up to 400 percent more than it was previously.

Many criminal penalties include paying fines, the amount of which varies based on the violation and its severity. If multiple offenses occurred, you may face payment of more than one fine in addition to any other sentenced punishments. Some traffic violations or circumstances, like repeat offenders, are serious enough to be deemed a misdemeanor or felony, which can potentially result in being sentenced to serve some time in jail.

How a Traffic Violation Attorney Can Help You

Your traffic offense lawyer has training in a wide breadth of knowledge about numerous laws, including local, state, and federal laws. Their practical experience with successfully getting clients’ charges dropped or reduced so they can avoid more severe punishment, also helps them with future cases, as they can know how they’re likely to go.

Your attorney can work directly with you throughout the entire legal process, guiding you through the steps and what’s required of you as well as managing your case’s defense argument, deadlines, the fees you’ll be given, and more. Your legal counsel can discuss your options with you, such as whether pleading guilty may be ideal or if going to trial is likely to yield a successful outcome; they also know all the pre- or post-trial options that may benefit you.

They can do their own research into the circumstances surrounding your traffic violation and collect evidence. They may challenge the basis of your arrest and the prosecution’s argument or evidence. Your traffic lawyer in Cramerton, NC, can also explain to the court why the charges against you should be reduced or dismissed altogether, especially if it’s a minor or first offense.

FAQs About Cramerton, NC Traffic Violation Lawyer

How Much Does a Traffic Attorney Cost for a Speeding Ticket in NC?

The cost of a speeding ticket lawyer in NC depends on the county, your criminal record, how fast you were speeding, and if there were additional violations. On average, attorney fees range between $150 to $200 for most traffic offenses; more serious charges may increase your lawyer costs. Besides attorney fees, you are also responsible for court fees, any applicable fines, and increases on your insurance.

How Do I Get a Speeding Ticket Dismissed in NC?

To get a speeding ticket dismissed in NC, your strongest chances are to enlist the help of a traffic violation lawyer. Getting charges dismissed is never guaranteed, but a traffic attorney can make all efforts to get your charges reduced.

Your attorney can create a strong defense case and present it before a judge. The judge will either dismiss the ticket, and you won’t face any penalties, or the ticket will be upheld, and you must fulfill any sentenced punishments.

What Is a Major Traffic Violation in NC?

A major traffic violation in NC is considered to be more significant than other moving violations. Some examples of major traffic offenses include reckless driving (four points), driving while impaired (12 points), and failure to have sufficient car insurance (three points). If you are convicted of a major violation, your driver’s license is subject to suspension in addition to penalties for the offense itself.

How Many Points Is a Speeding Ticket in NC?

A speeding ticket in NC is one point for speeding 10 or less mph over a limit below 55 mph and two points for driving 10 or more mph over a limit that’s between 55 and 76 mph. The unique details of your case may impact the number of points assigned to the charges; for example, speeding to elude law enforcement is 10 punitive points. Additional points can be added for simultaneous traffic violations that occurred during the primary offense.

Hire a Traffic Lawyer Who Can Reduce Your Charges and Penalties

At The Law Firm of Brent D. Ratchford, we are extensively experienced and skilled in helping clients from all backgrounds in their traffic violation cases. Get in touch with us today to begin building a strong defense for your traffic ticket.


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